The young tenor Giuseppe Tomaselli came from Milan to Salzburg in 1781 and received a position as court tenor at the Prince-Archbishop's court where he was very popular as a singing and piano teacher. In 1896, his son Karl acquired a coffee house from Josefa Staiger which had been founded in 1705. In 1753, the owner had received coat of arms and title for the “Royal Court Free Café Süder and Chocolatier”.

It is said that even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came to the Tomaselli to slurp his almond milk. And furthermore, that after the death of Mozart, his widow Konstanze and her second husband, G.N. von Nissen of the Danish Royal Council were supposed to have lived there for a time.

The cafe is still owed by the Tomaselli and Aigner Families, having fortunately survived the tides of time.